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Pakistan is a land of loving people and beautiful landscapes. Since its birth in 1947 it has achieved high standards in various areas of medical care. Paediatric surgery got a slow start but in the last two decade Paediatric surgery has achieved new horizons in patients care. The number of Paediatric surgeons showed steady increase and at present there are more than 200 qualified Paediatric surgeons providing excellent care to more than 55 million children in the country.

Association of Paediatrics Surgeons of Pakistan was initially founded in Mid 70’s by two Paedriatic Surgeons at Karachi. First department of Pediatric Surgeons was established at National Institute of Child Health, Karachi followed by Nishtar Hospital Multan, Meuo Hospital, Lahore and Childeren Hospital, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad.

Presently there are about 200 qualified paediatric surgeons across the Country and there are more than 20 Professorial Units in different Medical Schools, Post Graduate Medical Institutes and Medical Universities.

In Baluchistan & KPK there are post of District Paediatric Surgeons & few Paediatric Surgeons working as District Specialists. Most of the Paediatric surgical departments are in metropolitan cities and they are over flooded with the paediatric surgical patients.

Residency training program in paediatric Surgery was started in Mid 80’s by the Universities. CPSP started the Residency Training Program in early 90’s. Before these training programs a general Surgeon with special interest in Paediatric Surgery were doing Paediatric surgery in different hospitals.